Plastic Surgeon Oleksandr Bebykh

  • Expert in body sculpting and reconstruction
  • Full member of the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (USAPS)
  • Current member of the NGO "Club of Plastic Surgeons"
  • Vice President, Representative for International Relations of the NGO “All-Ukrainian Health League”
  • Author of four Ukrainian patents for utility models and inventions
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Oleksandr Bebykh

A professional plastic surgeon with more than 6 years of practice.

An active member of the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (USAPS) and the public organization “Club of Plastic Surgeons”

Vice President of the All-Ukrainian League of Health.

Winner of the nationwide Empire of Beauty Award 2020 – Best Plastic Surgeon of the Year.

The author of several articles on professional topics.


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I love my job for the possibility to make people happy.


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Thank you, doctor! Everything is just great! get a lot of attention now, I’m really happy with the result.


Very satisfied with the done work! I got to the hands of a true master! Appreciate to the doctor and staff who have been with me throughout my stay in the clinic.


A simple “thank you” just doesn’t do a justice! I am so happy! With my new breasts I feel much more confident. I still can’t get used to so much attention.


More than 2 months have passed since the operation and although the breast is still a little bit firm, but the result is just excellent!

My breast is fantastic and even I can’t take my eyes off, not to mention my boyfriend.

I will say briefly, everything is wonderful, I recommend Oleksandr.


Two days ago I returned home from the clinic, where I have made a new breast of my dreams. My breast became empty and smaller after giving birth to two of my children.

My friend advised Oleksandr to me. He made a breast surgery for her too.

Now I am looking at my breasts and crying for joy – it’s just perfect!


For the second month already I have a feeling that the breast is like a native!

Thanks to Oleksandr and the staff of the CitiDoctor. The clinic itself, the approach and the doctor are at the top level. I am very pleased that I listened to my friend.

All my dreams came true!


Oleksandr Bebykh made a super breast for me! It is just perfect: beautiful breast and neckline, everything is as planned and desired.

Thank you so much, doc!


Satisfied with the result, thank you Oleksandr! I feel like in a new body. You presented me the opportunity to be happy. I will continue to follow your recommendations.


Modern operations are completely painless. My colleagues and I care about your comfort. We select the type and dosage of anesthesia so that pain does not bother you. After the operation, it will not hurt either. Good medical equipment and painkillers will help you during the recovery period.

It is important to understand that there are wounds after any operation involving a cut on the skin. But, as a professional surgeon, I make sure that these wounds are hidden in the most imperceptible places. For example, the scar can be located in the hairy part of the head, in the natural fold of the eyelid, under the eyelashes, around the areola, etc. Immediately after surgery, the scar has a pink or red color, but in a few months it almost completely merges with the surrounding tissues. If necessary, you can additionally take a course of physiotherapy procedures or laser resurfacing, that will make the scar totally invisible. And if you want to do surgery completely without wounds, you can choose minimally invasive procedure. This is a procedure without cuts, only punctures, that recover without a trace. However, the possibilities of such techniques are limited.

This operation is performed in order to correct the figure. There are certain restrictions on the volume of removed fat. If after surgery a patient eats to excess, does no exercises, then fat cells can re-form. Follow the medical advice to save the result for a long time.

Recovery period is personal for each patient. Usually patients need to take a vacation of at least 2 weeks. The first week is limited to daily activities. In the second week you can go out for a short time or do some housework. During the third and fourth weeks you can start doing exercises. In about 4-6 weeks you can resume regular activity and increase your workouts, taking into account how you feel. After 6 weeks, your body should be completely healed, so you can feel free to do aerobic exercise.

Any intimate activity should be avoided for at least two weeks, and your plastic surgeon may advise you to wait longer. After surgery on the breast, I also advise to resume intimate life in two weeks, and preferably a month. Bleeding may occur as a result of too much physical activity, including sex.

You should be rather patient to see the end result of lipofilling and rhinoplasty. The total recovery period of lipofilling can take up to 4 months. During this time, a certain amount of transplanted material is excreted from the body, and other will get accustomed. In the case of rhinoplasty, there is swelling, that is getting less in a couple of days and gone in 2-3 months. The completion of all recovery processes of rhinoplasty lasts for about six months.

It is not forbidden to do mammoplasty before pregnancy planning. Today, this operation has no effect on carrying a baby and breastfeeding. There are only slight risks of impaired lactation with some accesses, that is worth discussing with your doctor. The presence of implants itself will not harm the lactation period at all. This is a proven fact.

Breast surgery can be performed when milk is stopped. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body. One woman has lactation period for 3-4 months and another for 1.5 years. I recommend patients to wait at least 3 months after breastfeeding has ended.

For one and a half months the compression garments should be worn twenty-four hours straight. After this period, the doctor will examine the patient and allow the replacement of compression garments for sport tops. I advise to sleep on the back in about 4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. After 4 weeks, most patients sleep well on the side and use pillows for comfort. A proper sleep position is necessary to prevent deformation of the implant and to keep the breast in the right place during recovery period.

In 2-3 weeks patient’s condition is much better. But swelling may be present a little, it takes twice as long to disappear. The final result of surgery can be seen over a long period, usually from six months to a year. Despite the fact that in a week a person will feel much better, it is recommended to go to work a little later, at least after 10 days.

Laser and hardware cosmetology

Clinic Dr. Dudikova


Plastic surgery is the most effective way to achieve a rejuvenating effect. But today there are techniques where a plastic surgeon and a cosmetologist can work at the same time.

Modern cosmetology, hardware methods of treatment and skin restoration in our clinic combine the latest cosmetology and medicine. The Union of Plastics and Cosmetology is one of the most promising anti-aging areas.

We are convinced that it is necessary to raise the professional level constantly, moreover - mainly outside Ukraine. Study and implement new trends set by experts from the United States and other countries. It is important to accept the experience of world-famous doctors and, expanding knowledge and horizons, to generate your own ideas.

At COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC we can solve many medical, aesthetic and cosmetic problems of the human body and face. We have combined the work of cosmetologists and surgeons!

The best team of doctors, the most modern approaches to treatment and an impressive hardware base - we have combined all this for you in our clinic COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC.


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