SHIN PLASTY (Cruroplasty)

Surgical operation aimed at increasing the volume and aesthetic improvement of the shape of the lower limbs.


Surgical intervention gives a lasting life-long result!

Cruroplasty is an operation to correct the shape of the tibia with the help of implants. The aim of the procedure is to “mask” the slight curvature of the legs, restore the volume and recreate the desired shape of the calf. Tibia defects are corrected by implant placement – tibia endoprosthetics.

Indications for operation on correction of leg curvature

  • underdevelopment or hypotrophy of the tibia muscles;
  • deformities caused by neurological diseases;
  • leg curvature or asymmetry;
  • mildly affected muscles due to excessive thinness of caviar;
  • desire to enlarge the tibia and make the relief more pronounced.

The cosmetic defect manifests itself by X or O curvature. O-shaped curvature is a varicular deformation of limbs, where the shape of the legs resembles the letter “O”. With closed feet, knee joints do not close, resulting in spindle-shaped defect of the inner contour from crotch to feet.

In case of X-shaped curvature, the feet do not close, but the knees do. False curvature of the legs” is also noted – peculiarities of soft tissues distribution in the tibia. In this case, the knees and feet are closed, but the calves are not. It turns out that from the knees to the ankles there is a lack of soft tissue and the legs look curved and thin visually. In this case, the surgery to correct the shape of the shins and increase their volume.

Important! In O- and X-shaped curvature plasticity of the shins is not performed.

Preparation and execution of leg curvature correction operation

The implant is selected before the operation, taking into account the anatomical structure of the shin. Implants can be symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is similar in shape to a lens and is thicker in the centre. The asymmetrical is similar to a drop and has a larger volume in the upper third. This implant is closer to the shape of the lower leg.

Implants can be placed on one or both sides of the legs. An endoprosthesis made of silicone is developed individually for each patient. In terms of density, they are similar to human muscles, and due to the strong shell they do not have to be changed. Implants are placed under the fascia of the lower leg muscles, which makes them invisible. Cruroplasty is performed using quality implants from leading manufacturers.

Caviar surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia and takes up to an hour. The surgery is performed through a small incision using a natural skin fold. A “pocket” is formed under the fascia of the calf muscle, where the prosthesis is placed. Depending on the problem and the characteristics of the patient, the implant can be placed either under the fascia of the calf muscle or under the muscle. Afterwards, a cosmetic suture and a pressure bandage are applied. Lower leg croroplasty can be performed in combination with other surgeries: knee and thigh liposuction.

The patient must adhere to the following recommendations before surgery:

✓  Two weeks before the correction, it is necessary to stop taking medicines containing aspirin, hormones (including contraceptives).

✓ A week before the chosen date, the patient should stop drinking alcohol, drinking spicy and fatty dishes;

✓ In the morning on the day of surgery, you should stop eating, as the procedure is performed on an empty stomach.

✓ Comfortable changeable clothes, underwear and personal care products should be brought to the clinic.

Cruroplasty of the legs: benefits

➤ The result is long-lasting because the silicone inserts are not deformed and there is no implant movement;

➤ The lower leg shape is restored in muscle atrophy.

➤ The endoprosthesis is perfectly fixed in the tissues, not rejected by the body and does not cause allergies.

➤ Crouroplasty of the shins allows you to make your legs smooth, beautiful and balance the figure.

Rehabilitation after Cruroplasty

In the first week, swelling and soreness may persist, after the operation, it is necessary to wear compression stockings. To reduce the load on the calf muscle for 2-3 months is prohibited intensive exercise and swimming pool.


Lower leg plasty is contraindicated in the following cases: oncology, diabetes mellitus, poor blood clotting, varicosity, pustules, inflammation and trophic ulcers on the legs, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Prices for Cruroplasty


  • consultation of the anesthesiologist;
  • surgery;
  • anesthesia;
  • compression garments;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • 24-hour stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower).

Цена: 4000 €

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