Nipple and areola surgery

Aesthetic surgery to correct the shape of the nipples and areola will eliminate asymmetry, hypertrophy and other defects, giving them a harmonious appearance.


Plastics of the nipples is performed either separately or in combination with a lift or correction of the areola (pigmented area around the nipples).

Correction of the nipple-aerial complex is carried out in such cases:

  • To eliminate asymmetry;
  • If the nipple is elongated, stretched out, extended;
  • If the nipple is elongated, enlarged; in case of acquired deformation;
  • Partial or total nipple absence;
  • When there is a large areola area around the nipples;
  • Pigmentation of the areola area is disturbed;
  • Plastic nipple is also performed on men with congenital defects.

Types of nipple and areola correction surgeries

Correction of the shape of the pigmented area (areola) is carried out by dissecting the pigmented area, without affecting the milk ducts. With this method, the possibility of breastfeeding is preserved.

The nipples and areola are reduced by removing excess tissue, after which sutures are applied.

Excess nipple is corrected using the wedge-shaped cut method. In this method, the excess tissue is removed, the tip or the middle part is cut off.

The reconstruction of a nipple or pigmented area begins with the selection of a donor area that has the same pigmentation as the nipple-alveolar complex. The tissue can also be taken from healthy breasts. Recovery reduces psychological discomfort after a mastectomy.

Correction of flat and retracted nipples involves the release of breast ducts that affect the nipple deformation. The retraction is due to the presence of short bruises in the mammary ducts, which can be eliminated by microsurgery.

Nipple correction in men is usually done due to breast enlargement (large volume of fatty tissue, gland hypertrophy). To eliminate the defect liposuction, lift, which reduces the diameter of the pigment. The surgeon’s tactics for nipple correction will depend on the type of intervention. In some cases, several incisions are made, the nipple is sutured, in others a more radical procedure may be required. The scar after the operation is almost invisible.

How does the operation work?

The length of time depends on the problem the patient has dealt with, but usually does not exceed one hour. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. The plastic surgery may be performed outpatiently (after the operation it is possible to go straight home) or in a hospital setting (1 day of stay in the clinic). Sutures are removed on day 5-7.

Recovery after the operation is quick and easy. Pain is minimal, mainly a slight burning sensation, so there is no need for analgesics. The doctor prescribes regular checkups and gives recommendations. You will need to wear compression underwear for a while and sleep on your side or back until it heals completely. It is not recommended to take a hot bath, visit the pool and solarium for 1-2 months. Physical activity should be excluded.

Important! Postoperative recovery is individual, depending on the characteristics of her body.

Results of nipple and areola plasty

After plastic nipples and areola, the size becomes proportional, giving the breasts an aesthetic and natural look. The final result can be estimated after 1-2 months, after swelling and redness have subsided.

Price of nipple and areola correction surgery


  • consultation of the anesthesiologist;
  • surgery;
  • anesthesia;
  • compression garments;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • 24-hour stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower)

Цена: 1000 €

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