Physical activity and proper nutrition undoubtedly show high efficiency in the fight against overweight. But what they can’t do is to eliminate some of the shortcomings and consequences of rapid weight loss.

The most common problem is sagging skin due to loss of firmness. In this case, the only correct solution and way to achieve an ideal figure is plastic surgery. For many years now, with its help, thousands of women get the desired result and enjoy a perfect body.

How to remove excess fat?

Removal of fat from the abdomen is done by two methods – abdominoplasty and liposuction. They differ not only in execution technique, but also in duration, treatment areas and even probable complications.


A surgical abdominal skin lift that aims to restore contours that have been disturbed by various factors, often after childbirth or rapid weight loss. Surgical intervention involves the removal of excess subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue in the lower abdominal region. Manipulations are performed under general anesthesia.

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Mini-Abdominoplasty, post-cesarean correction

It is possible to perform abdominoplasty for the purpose:

  • removal of sagging skin;
  • removal of wrinkles;
  • correction of the navel shape;
  • removal of skin excesses;
  • to obtain a tightened body.

Manipulations are performed with the use of needles designed to pump fat through the incisions.

The abdominoplasty is prescribed at:

  • noticeable stretch marks and deep scars;
  • fat “apron”;
  • prolapse of the abdominal walls;
  • fat deposits;
  • stretching or divergence of abdominal muscles.

The method is prescribed only in situations where other methods are ineffective, because it is quite a serious intervention.

Abdominal liposuction

A more modern method that involves pumping excess fat through a vacuum. It is done under local anesthesia with several small incisions.

It is recommended to perform abdominal liposuction in case of insignificant fat accumulation in certain areas of the body, when traditional methods of getting rid of excess weight do not work.

The main differences between abdominoplasty and liposuction

The only similarity of operations is their purpose in removal of excess fat. Otherwise, they are very different.

➤ Narcosis. General in abdominoplasty, and local in liposuction, which of course affects the postoperative state of the patient.

➤ Recovery time and safety. Liposuction is less painful and has fewer risks. It does not require large incisions, and it costs almost punctures.

Pros and cons of abdominoplasty


✓ Fast result with long lasting effect by following doctor’s recommendations and some rules.

✓ Painless conduction due to general anesthesia.

✓ No effort is required from the patient.


✖ The need to follow the rules and avoid weight fluctuations.

✖ High cost of surgery to remove the abdomen.

✖ Seriousness of the intervention.

✖ Recovery time.

Pros and cons of liposuction


✓ Minimum invasiveness (punctures up to 2 mm) at laser technique and length of cuts up to 1 cm at classical scheme with the use of cannulas.

✓ Excludes the risk of damage to nerve fibers and blood vessels.

✓ Faster recovery.

✓ Opportunity to perform on previously inaccessible places, such as shoulders, neck, face.


✖ Adherence to the mode for a certain time with no gravity lifting and mandatory wearing of compression underwear.

✖ The final effect is after 2-3 months, as this is the period needed for final skin reduction after the procedure.

As a result, only your doctor will tell you what to choose, making conclusions based on the assessment of the condition of the abdominal walls and skin cover. Here we should say that liposuction is suitable for almost everyone, and abdominoplasty, only if necessary, quickly get rid of a large piece of skin and tighten the muscles.