Surgical plastic surgery can restore youthfulness to the face at any age. For successful correction of eye defects, surgeon Alexander Bebykh performs surgical eyelid plasty.


Sleep deprivation, stress, poor nutrition, fatigue and vitamin deficiency are the main factors affecting the skin around the eyes. The result is dark circles under the eyes, bags, wrinkles and other defects that impair the appearance. The periorbital area is one of the first to age, as the skin around the eyes and eyelids is very thin. Therefore, with age, these areas show visible signs of ageing and sagging skin. Such visual flaws can change facial features and make them less expressive and attractive.

Blepharoplasty is an aesthetic surgery aimed at eliminating age-related changes and eyelid lifts. The operation allows to remove “bags” under the eyes, pronounced wrinkles and skin folds on the upper eyelids (the “overhanging” eyelid effect).

Blepharoplasty is performed not only for rejuvenation, but also to eliminate a wide range of aesthetic defects. There are no age restrictions for the intervention. The effect after correction is long and can last 7-10 years.


Plastic surgery for eternity is shown in the following cases:

  • the tone reduction of the eye folds;
  • the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes;
  • age-related ptosis of the eyelid (or congenital feature);
  • pronounced “sacks” under the eyes;
  • asymmetrical shape of the eyes;
  • sunken corners of the eyes.

The patient can also perform plastic surgery to change the shape of the eyes to give them expressiveness.


Eye surgery has the following benefits:

✓ Recovery is quick and the restrictions are minimal;

✓ The rejuvenation looks as natural as possible;

✓ You can remove fatty hernias;

✓ Long-lasting result;

✓ No rough scars.


Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

In order to correct the first signs of aging and to return the look of openness, an operation is performed on the upper eyelid. It allows to get rid of a heavy overhanging eyelid and remove excess skin, where the eyelids overhang the eyes. It is also possible to do blepharoplasty when the corners are lowered, deep wrinkles and excess adipose tissue are removed. Removal of overhanging eyelids is performed under general anesthesia. During the intervention, the surgeon removes excess skin, tightening the soft tissues.

Lower Age Plastics

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is suitable for the removal of bags and swelling under the eyes, resulting from pathological processes in the body in certain diseases. The surgeon makes an incision in the form of a spindle-shaped section of skin on the natural skin fold and very carefully extracts excess skin and fat. To remove bags under the eyes is carried out a minimally invasive procedure without external incisions. No visible scars remain after healing and the recovery period is minimal.

Combined or circular suspenders

Circular eyelid plastic surgery combines the plasticity of upper and lower eyelids, which allows you to solve several problems in one procedure. It is more radical method which is applied at strongly pronounced age defects. The intervention can be combined with a facelift. After the correction, the periorbital zone is transformed, ptosis and age-related changes are removed. A circular eyelid lift rejuvenates and makes the look more expressive.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed if there is no excess skin in the lower eye area, but fat hernia removal is required. Manipulation is performed through the conjunctiva by a doctor with a small puncture. The method is slightly traumatic.

Reconstructive blepharoplasty

Reconstructive blepharoplasty is prescribed for congenital or acquired eyelid defects. The procedure allows to change the shape of the eyelid and eliminate peritoneal defects.


Before the eyelid is lifted, a number of tests must be performed and the prescribed tests performed to minimize the likelihood of complications. With a special marker, the doctor makes all the necessary markings and disinfects the area.

The procedure takes no more than 2 hours, the exact time depends on the selected type of blepharoplasty. It is performed under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon makes cuts in the natural folds of the upper eyelid skin and under the eyelash growth line (if the intervention is performed on the lower eyelids). Thus, the doctor gets access to the fatty tissue and performs all necessary manipulations. After completion, sutures are applied and a special bandage is removed after 30 minutes. After that, there may be a slight swelling, bruising.

Important! The degree of their severity and healing depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

Rehabilitation after eyelid surgery

Recovery is short, and rehabilitation takes place within a month. The first results of blepharoplasty can be assessed several weeks after the bruises and hematomas are gone. After the intervention, the patient should spend a day in a hospital under observation. The sutures are removed on day 3. The first time you need to wear a special bandage. You can come back to work in a few days. During recovery, the following recommendations should be followed:

➤ you need to protect your eyes from the sun and wear dark glasses to protect the operated area in the first days;

➤ to give up training and heavy physical activity for a month;

➤ skin must not be steamed up, massaged;

➤ do not allow pressure to rise;

➤ do not strain your eyes during the first days and do not work on the computer or reading;

➤ do not go to swimming pools, baths, saunas;

➤ have regular checkups;

➤ after plastic surgery, there may be slight painful feelings, which can be bought with medicines.


Eyelid surgery is contraindicated in the following cases: diabetes mellitus, anemia, poor blood clotting, high intracranial pressure, oncology, infections, blepharitis, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), thyroid disease, menstruation.

Blepharoplasty Prices


  • surgery;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • day-stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower).

Цена: 1500 €

  • surgery;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • day-stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower).

Цена: 2500 €

  • surgery;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • day-stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower).

Цена: 1500 €

  • surgery;
  • medicines and wound dressings during entire recovery period;
  • postoperative supervision;
  • day-stay in the clinic (TV, Wi-Fi, food, shower).

Цена: 2500 €

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