Incredible mix of the didactic and the practical, new American and Brazilian protocols, masters in plastic surgery of our time.

Plastic surgery is progressing very rapidly. To get ahead one needs to follow and study new revolutionary trends and the latest developments all the time, to gain experience in the global trendsetters of aesthetic medicine. This is exactly the approach of Oleksandr Bebykh. Recently he has participated a symposium in Miami on the latest techniques and capabilities of plastic surgery: liposculpture, lipofilling, 3D modeling and other surgeries aimed at improving body and face shape. The latest equipment, innovative American and Brazilian protocols: everything to gain perfect results in the shortest time and to avoid any of post-operative complications.

Prominent surgeons of the present shared valuable knowledge with the symposium participants. In particular, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, Beverly Hills, known for his famed clients and stunning results in HD liposuction. And remarkable Alfredo Hoyos, Colombia, whose abdominoplasty and muscle shape and volume surgery results are really impressive.

Alfredo Hoyos

It is worth noting the “King of Reconstruction”, the world-famous Professor Dean Toriumi. He is the only surgeon who successfully restores “cocaine” noses and helping his patients to return to social life. Oleksandr Bebykh has already learned from his experience and thanks to Toriumi has performed successfully a number of his own reconstructions.

Dean Toriumi

We never stop at the desire to provide Ukrainian patients with all the best world practices and the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery!