Massive weight loss is often accompanied by such an unpleasant phenomenon as sagging skin, which is no longer able to contract on its own and looks flabby and unaesthetic. Such excess skin and subcutaneous fat are very uncomfortable and can even lead to erosions, ulcers and bedsores.

Classical surgical interventions in this case cannot solve the problem and require more extensive special intervention for this group of patients. The issue of surgical skin tightening after weight loss (abdominotoroplasty) becomes topical. This is a long and complex operation, aimed at complex excision of skin surpluses from the body after cardinal weight loss in combination with muscle tightening and liposuction of certain areas, if necessary.

Purpose of abdominoplasty

Circumferential body lift surgery allows you to:

  • Bring muscles back to normal tone;
  • Make the skin smooth and elastic;
  • Make the body shape clearer and more aesthetically pleasing.

During torsoplasty (Kiev), the back, abdomen, sides and other areas are simultaneously treated on demand. As a rule, the operation is carried out in several stages, working with different parts of the body. Plasty of the hips, abdomen and shoulders can be performed in one operation, but if a larger volume is involved, it is recommended to divide the procedure into 2-3 stages.

For the best effect, torsoplasty (Kiev) is combined with liposuction, with a pronounced skin-fatty apron in the abdominal area – with abdominoplasty. In the presence of fat deposits in the shoulder area, brachioplasty is additionally performed, but separately from body lifting.

Thus, torsoplasty is a complex surgery, during which you can simultaneously lift the hips, abdomen and buttocks, get rid of excess fat and body folds, to achieve a slender and trim figure in a short period of time.

Подтяжка кожи после похудения Киев

For whom abdominoplasty is for

This surgery is quite time-consuming and complicated, so it is performed only in exceptional cases: when you lose more than 30 kg in one year.

The ideal candidates for abdominoplasty are those who have lost weight and are stable:

✓ Who have lost weight and have kept it stable for at least 3 months;

✓ With significant excess skin in one or more areas of the body;

✓ Who live a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

What are the most common areas for torsoplasty?

Depending on the wishes and indications, it is possible to correct the hips, lower back, anterior abdominal wall and buttocks.

It is important to understand that the method is not carried out to people with obesity, but only to those who have already achieved significant results in the fight against excess weight and want to get rid of skin excesses and folds – a problem not solved by a proper diet, sports and cosmetic procedures. In addition, it should be understood that to achieve long-lasting results after plastic surgery is possible only with the continued maintenance of optimal body weight and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The indications for torsoplasty are:

➤ Diastasis of the anterior abdominal wall muscles;

➤ Excessive skin on the body;

➤ Discomfort associated with maceration and skin irritation;

➤ Loss of skin elasticity;

➤ Drooping skin in the form of an apron.

How to prepare for surgery

Before performing a surgical intervention, you should first consult with a general practitioner, plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, as well as undergo a number of diagnostic procedures:

  • Blood tests (for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis viruses, coagulation, biochemical and total);
  • General urinalysis;
  • Chest x-ray;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs;

The results of these tests will allow the specialist to assess the patient’s condition and readiness for surgery with minimal risks.

At least 2 weeks before surgery you should give up alcohol, smoking, and taking medications. The day before the torsoplasty must eat only light, low-calorie foods. On the day of surgery you should not take food or water.

Postoperative period

For the normal course of the rehabilitation period it is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions. If necessary, you must wear a compression bandage, limit weight lifting to more than 3 kg, avoid physical activity, and not go to the swimming pool or sauna until the wounds are completely healed.

The operation may leave a scar that will get lighter and thinner after a year. However, if the characteristics of the scar distort the results of abdominoplasty significantly, you can resort to laser resurfacing. This procedure is appropriate in the case of a neat scar that needs to be slightly corrected. If the scar is quite bright and noticeable, you can resort to using a fractionated laser that seals the capillaries on the surface of the scar, making it paler.

In any case, over time, the appearance of the figure is not strongly affected, most importantly, the result of skin tightening after weight loss, the price of which can be found on our website, is worth all the effort.